Future Talent ERL Foal

The versatility of the Quarter Horse is truly remarkable and undoubtedly one of the breed’s greatest strengths. Research has shown that genetic differences exist amongst the cutting, halter, racing, reining, Western Pleasure, and working cow horse categories. There really is no other breed that excels in pursuits as diverse as the Quarter Horse. Globally, these remarkable differences make Quarter Horses the favored breed for studies in behavioral genetics!

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Who Can Join?

Participants must: 

  • be over 18 years of age
  • own a registered QH of any age
  • have known that QH for at least six months
  • be interested in comparing your horse’s behaviour with those of other QHs
  • consider the QH you’d like to tell us about. We call that horse “Your QH”
  • choose the single discipline from this list [Cutting, Halter, Racing, Reining, Western Pleasure, Working Cow) that Your QH is best at.

What Happens Next?

To a start contributing:

  1. Gather the registration papers for Your QH or verify Your QH’s registration number
  2. Take three photographs of Your QH and store them on your computer.
  3. Pull 10 mane hairs from Your QH.
  4. Find a plain envelope and address it as follows:

Temple Grandin, Equine Teaching and Research Center (Quarter Horse Project)

735 S. Overland Trail, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1679

  1. Go online and take the E-BARQ survey online . You will receive a report that compares your horse’s behaviour with those of other QHs
  2. Print-out the Results page for Your QH
  3. Place the Print-out and the hair in the envelope and post it.