Associate Professor

Office: ETRC 106
Phone: (970) 491-8612

M.S., Federal Rural University – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ph.D., Virginia Tech
D.V.M., Federal Fluminense University, Brazil

Dr. Tanja Hess accepts an award

In 1990 Tanja Hess became a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine in Federal Fluminense University, Brazil. After working some years as a private practitioner, she received her Master of Science in Equine Clinics from Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and then her Doctorate in Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Hess has spent over 15 years working veterinary medicine and equine nutrition research. While pursuing her PhD in Virginia, Hess received the Pratt Fellow honors from 2003 to 2005. In her personal time, Hess enjoys practicing endurance riding.

Courses Taught:

ANEQ 203 – Equine Management
ANEQ 325 – Equine Exercise Physiology
ANEQ 345 – Equine Nutrition
ANEQ 346 – Equine Disease Management

Research Areas:

With over 20 publications, Hess has been a major contributor in research such as: Potassium-free electrolytes and calcium supplementation in an 80 km endurance ride and Treiber KH, Kronfeld DS, Hess TM, Byrd BM, Splan RKand Staniar WB Insulin resistance, inheritance and pre-laminitic metabolic syndrome in ponies. J Am Vet Med Assoc, 2006, 228(10):1538-1545. In conjunction with dedicating her time as a professor, Hess is currently researching the Effects of Omega-3 High and Saturated Fatty Acids on Insulin Sensitivity and Inflammation.