Students walking across the parking lot of the equine center

The Equine Sciences program is proud to offer foundation courses in the areas of equine reproduction, genetics, nutrition and disease management as well as over twenty hands-on courses that cover all aspects of the industry. Browse through the list of classes below!

ANEQ 102 - Introduction to Equine Science

Course Credits: 4 | Semesters Offered: Fall | Prerequisite: N/A

Description: Equine physiology, production systems and management systems as it pertains to the equine industry and management. Limited to Equine Science majors until prior to semester beginning.

ANEQ 105 - Introduction to Large Animal Anatomy

Course Credits: 1 | Semesters Offered: Fall and Spring | Prerequisite: Animal Science & Equine Science majors only.

Description: Basic gross animal anatomy.

ANEQ 115 - Equine Behavior

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Fall and Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102

Description: Equine behavior, safety, and handling as it relates to training and learning.

ANEQ 200 - Applied Horsemanship and Equitation

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Fall & Spring | Prerequisite:  ANEQ 115

Description:Foundation and advancement of horsemanship, on the ground and on horseback.

ANEQ 201 A & B - Preparation of Horses for Competition

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Fall and Spring | Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

Description: Development of skills to prepare and present horses in competitions aimed at enhancing their value. A) Western. B) English.

ANEQ 203 - Equine Management

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102

Description: Equine management and care techniques with hands-on experience.

ANEQ 204 - Equine Facilities Management

 Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102. Field trips required.

Description: Understanding of all aspects required to manage an equine facility coupled with hands-on experience.

ANEQ 205 - Equine Assessment, Evaluation and Training

 Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall and Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 115

Description: Skills in assessing, evaluating, and training horses in transitional phases of their lives, including, but not limited to horses with a history of non-use, previous trauma, compliance issues, and other problematic concerns.
Written consent of instructor.

ANEQ 249 - Introduction to the Trail Riding Industry

Course Credits: 1 | Semesters Offered: Fall and Spring | Prerequisite: Written consent of instructor.
Description:Emphasis on horse care, regulations, first aid, health, training, and hosting a trail ride.

ANEQ 292 - Equine Industry Seminar

Course Credits: 1 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102

Description: An overview of the equine industry, industry careers and prepares student for directed study in their applied and elective courses in Equine Science.

ANEQ 300W - Equine Manure Management

Course Credits: 1 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 101 or ANEQ 102


ANEQ 303 - Equine Digital Photography

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102

Description: Basics of photographic principles and DSLR cameras with a focus on equine subjects.

ANEQ 305 - Functional Large Animal Anatomy & Physiology

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring & Summer | Prerequisite: CHEM 107 or 111 & 3 credits of 100-Level LIFE.

Description: Concepts of large animal anatomy and physiology; emphasis on growth, digestion and reproduction.

ANEQ 325 - Equine Exercise Physiology

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 305 or BMS 300

Description: Overview of the main aspects of equine exercise physiology.

ANEQ 334 - Principles of Equine Genetics

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102, SOCR 330 or ANEQ 328 & STAT 301, 307 or 315.

Description: Principles of breeding and genetic improvement of horses, including qualitative and quantitative traits.

ANEQ 340 - Horse Training & Sales Preparation I

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall | Prerequisite: Instructor approval

Description: Practical training skills using a yearling or two-year old; in-hand, restraint, ground driving, longeing, first rides, stable management.

ANEQ 341 - Horse Training & Sales Preparation II

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 340

Description: Skills in training for specific riding maneuvers, conditioning and fitting for sale. Additional time outside of class required on weekends.

ANEQ 344 - Principles of Equine Reproduction

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102 & ANEQ 305 or BMS 300.

Description: Principles of reproduction and reproductive management of the mare and stallion.

ANEQ 345 - Principles of Equine Nutrition

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall & Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102, ANEQ 305 or BMS 300, 3 credits of 100-Level CHEM & 3 credits of MATH.

Description: Principles of nutrition; application in feeding horses in different physiological states to promote health and well-being.

ANEQ 346 - Equine Disease Management

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102 & ANEQ 305 or BMS 300.

Description: Lameness and common diseases of horses.

ANEQ 349 - Packing & Outfitting

Course Credits: 1 | Semesters Offered: Fall & Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102 & instructor approval.

Description: Business aspects of outfitting/packing the horse; hitches, knots, horse care; planning pack trips, setting up camp, overnight pack trip.

ANEQ 351 - Techniques in Therapeutic Riding

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Fall & Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102

Description: Equine assisted activities including therapeutic horseback riding, hippotherapy, driving and vaulting, equine assisted mental health treatments and programs for youth at risk.

ANEQ 352 - Introduction to Horse Evaluation

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102

Description: Criteria and techniques for evaluation of horses; development of logical decision processes for establishing comparative value.

ANEQ 353 - Advanced Horse Evaluation

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall | Prerequisite: ANEQ 352

Description: Advanced criteria and techniques for horse evaluation; logical decision process development to establish comparative value; intercollegiate competition.

ANEQ 358 - Equine Event & Sales Management

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Fall | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102 – credit not allowed for both ANEQ 358 & ANEQ 300T.

Description: Skills necessary to produce, organize and promote equine related events.

ANEQ 359 - Equine Sales Production

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 358 and instructor approval.

Description: Emphasizes skills necessary to host and evaluate an equine sale.

ANEQ 365 - Principles of Teaching Therapeutic Riding

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 351 and Sophomore standing or above. Requires field trips.

Description: Practical experiences and knowledge of the techniques to be a professional certified therapeutic riding instructor.

ANEQ 386B - Equine Practicum: Equine Reproductive Management

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Spring & Summer | Prerequisite: ANEQ 344

Description: Equine reproductive management.

ANEQ 386C - Equine Practicum: Equine Farrier Management

Course Credits: 1 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102

Description: Equine farrier management.

ANEQ 440 - Equine Production Industry & Issues

Course Credits: 3 | Semesters Offered: Fall & Spring | Prerequisite: Any two of the following – ANEQ 334, 344, 345 or 346.

Description: For students planning a career in the horse industry; management of facilities, production systems, personnel, marketing and biological systems.

ANEQ 441 - Integrated Equine Science

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Spring & Summer | Prerequisite: ANEQ 334, ANEQ 344, ANEQ 345 & ANEQ 346.

Description: Describe, understand and integrate the newest scientific principles in equine sciences with equine management.

ANEQ 442 - Riding Instructor Training

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Fall & Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 102 and instructor approval.

Description: Teaching techniques; theory; handling of large mounted groups, beginner through advanced levels.

ANEQ 444 - Equine Business Management

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Fall & Summer | Prerequisite: ANEQ 440

Description: “Real life” equine industry experience and the ins-and-outs of managing an equine facility/business.

ANEQ 445 - Foaling Management

Course Credits: 2 | Semesters Offered: Spring | Prerequisite: ANEQ 344

Description: Management of the foaling mare and newborn foal; monitoring techniques, preventative and emergency care procedures.

ANEQ 486 - Therapeutic Riding Instructor Practicum

Course Credits: 1 | Semesters Offered: Fall | Prerequisite: ANEQ 365

Description: Mentor-guided teaching hours to students preparing for the PATH International Instructor examination.