While internships are a required part of the Equine Sciences major, they play an even greater role in building your skills, your network and helping you to find out what it is that you are truly passionate about!

Below are the required forms and examples of current internships that are available to equine students. When you are ready to get started, make an appointment with our internship coordinator, Tiare Santistevan, by calling the front office at (970) 491-8373.

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About Internships

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The Internship program in the Department of Animal Sciences was initiated in 1971. This voluntary experiential learning opportunity is targeted toward undergraduate students who have interest in gaining additional off-campus, hands-on experiences and/or to explore career possibilities. Up to six credit hours can be earned toward graduation requirements and 45 hours of work are required per credit. Students make all the arrangements for their Internship including finding and contacting a Cooperator. Resources are readily available to assist in this process. Prior to enrolling in the course (ANEQ 487A or ANEQ 487B), the following must be approved and completed by the Program Coordinator: Memorandum of Agreement (See Internship Resources). Internships can be conducted any time of the year, e.g., during each semester, on weekends, during the summer, or during holiday breaks.

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Required Internship Forms

Current Internships

Take some time to browse through our database of internships currently available to our CSU Equine Sciences students. Keep in mind, students are also able to create their own internship experience with a company, ranch, or organization they are interested in.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How am I graded?
    The program coordinator has the primary responsibility of evaluating the internship experience. Evaluation forms will be sent to the student, the On-campus Supervisor and the Cooperator. The On-Campus Supervisor will recommend the grade of either an “S” or “U.” The final grade will be based on the evaluations and the recommendation from the OCS.


  • What am I required to do while I am completing the internship?
    The student is required to complete weekly reports and a final paper that is to be given to their On-Campus Supervisor. The student is also required to write a minimum of 1 Facebook post on the Equine Science Facebook page that is 3 to 10 sentences in length. The post should state where the internship is and something positive about the internship.


  • Who is an On-Campus Supervisor?
    The On-Campus Supervisor (OCS) can be any faculty member in Equine or Animal Science. The student is responsible for selecting the On-­Campus Supervisor. The Program Coordinator cannot serve as the OCS. The faculty member should also be on campus during the term they supervise.


  • I have a place to do an internship, now what?
    Once a student has organized an internship, they must complete the Memorandum of Agreement form and the Internship Objectives form. Once both forms are filled out and have the appropriate signatures, the Program Coordinator will complete the override for the student to register.


  • I did an internship at the community college I transferred from; may I use that for CSU credit?
    No, a student must complete an internship while they are a student at Colorado State University.


  • I worked this past summer at a farm; may I turn that into an internship?
    No, a student must be registered for the internship prior to completing the internship.


  • Are internships paid?
    Internships may be paid or unpaid. Some internships will cover room and board; some will provide a small stipend while others will just provide the experience. This is to be discussed between the student and the Cooperator.


  • How do I register for an internship?
    Once a student has completed ALL the paperwork necessary for the internship, the Internship Coordinator will complete an override for the student to register. The Coordinator will then email the student letting them know they may register. The student must type in the number of credits they would like to receive on the variable credit course otherwise the computer will default to 1 credit.