When the barns and arenas are not being used by classes or clubs, they are available to rent for events. Please browse through the list of fees associated with facility rental. To inquire about available dates, please contact us via email or by phone at (970) 491-8373.

*Please note: we do not rent our facility out to the public during the months of April & August*

B.W. Pickett Arena

View of the arena floor of the B.W. Pickett Arena

Rental Fee: $1377 per day

Includes: ticket booth, arena, show office, concessions stand, & seating for 2,000 people.

Adams-Atkinson Arena

Indoor view of Adams Atkinson Arena

Rental Fee: $334 per day

Includes: arena, tie rails and 36 stalls.

*Stall use is limited during the spring.

Outdoor Arena

outdoor arena at the equine center

Rental Fee: $100 per day

Includes: outdoor arena.

Legends of Ranching Barn

A view of a stall in the Legends of Ranching Barn

Rental Fee: $82 per day

Includes: small office area and 30 stalls.

*Stall use will be limited during spring.

Adams-Atkinson Classroom

adams atkinson classroom

Rental Fee: $28 per day

Includes: classroom, chairs, tables, white boards, computer and projector.

*This classroom seats approximately 40 students.

B.W. Pickett Classroom

B.W. Pickett classroom

Rental Fee: $28 per day

Includes: classroom, chairs, tables and tv for computer connection.

*This classroom seats approximately 15-20 students.


panels stacked against a fence

Rental Fee: $30-150 per event

Includes: round pens, end fence, chutes, etc.

Jump Trailer

jump trailer with jumps and cavallettis

Rental Fee: $30/day

Includes: jumps, trail obstacles, cavellettis, etc.

Flatbed Trailer

No Photo Logo

Rental Fee: $25/day

Includes: gooseneck flatbed trailer (commonly used as a stage or announcer’s stand).

Dressage Arena

No Photo Logo

Rental Fee: $50 per event

Includes: dressage arena that can be adjusted to a standard or small size.

Electric Eye

No Photo Logo

Rental Fee: $30/day

Includes: electric eye with two tripod stands and display.

Portable PA System

No Photo Logo

Rental Fee: $150 for three days

Includes: two stand alone speakers and wireless microphone.

Main PA System (Pickett Arena)

No Photo Logo

Rental Fee: $300 for three days

Includes: full sound system in the B.W. Pickett arena including fourteen speakers, microphones, etc.

*This requires training in order to use for an event

Rental fees for arenas and barns do not include set-up, take-down, stalls or arena preparation. These additional fees will be billed to the event directly by Equine Sciences and are listed below:

Man hours: $30/hour/person

Tractor: $70/hour

Loader: $65/hour

Stalls: $13.00/day – does not include hay, shavings, or water buckets

* The event is REQUIRED to strip stalls prior to leaving otherwise a flat fee of $800 will be added to the facility bill for stall cleaning.

The following rules pertain to any event/organization utilizing the Equine Center

CSU Equine Center Facility Rules

  1. All horses on premise must comply with the CSU Health Requirements for Horses and participants must sign the Event Participation Form. Please read through the list of these regulations prior to arriving.
  2. No dogs allowed at any equine or livestock event (exceptions for certified service dogs only)!
  3. No overnight camping unless fully self-contained.
  4. Riding and stalling is only permitted in areas covered in the event contract.
  5. Horses are not allowed to be tied to trailers on the pavement.
  6. Clean up after yourself and your horses (both in and out of the arena).
  7. No tying to arena walls.
  8. No feeding or watering in the arenas.
  9. No boarding available.
  10. Event personnel and participants must adhere to scheduled hours as set in event contract.
  11. All club practices/events must be supervised by coach/advisor during scheduled times.
  12. Helmets must be worn by all participants of mounted activities unless proper exemption is obtained.