We are the 2015 National Champions! The Colorado State University Men’s Varsity Polo team took home our fourth National Championship in April. We are the first CSU club sport to win back to back National Championships in 1990 and 1991 followed by a third title in 1999. We are looking forward to another successful season in 2016. 

The Colorado State University Polo Club is an entirely student run CSU club sport that has been in operation since 1977. The club owns over 30 polo ponies that are boarded at the CSU Equine Center, where practices are held 6 days a week. Our Men’s and Women’s teams are very competitive on a National level, frequenting regional and national tournaments. In addition, the club has a large beginner and junior varsity program. Previous polo experience is not required to join, so we regularly have between 30 and 40 members who are learning to love the great sport of polo.

Contact Us:  coloradostatepolo@gmail.com

Alumni & Rocky Mountain Polo Tournament

Polo alumni tournament flyer

Interested in signing up?

Please fill out the sign-up form and submit to coloradostatepolo@gmail.com.


Polo club public relations officer, Ericka Johnson

Erika Johnson

Year: Senior
Major: Animal Science & Agricultural Business
Hometown: New Rochelle, New York

Erika showed primarily as an equitation rider, both in rated shows and in the IEA program. She started playing polo as a beginner in the fall of her freshman year at CSU, and now plays on JV. Since starting at CSU, she also plays polo in the summer.


Tessa Parrish

Tessa Parrish

Year: Sophomore
Major: Zoology
Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Tessa started riding horses through a summer camp when she was 7, and has been riding hunter/jumper and just for fun at a barn near her house for about 12 years now. She got into polo when she was a sophomore in high school. She learned how to play through the polo program at Cornell University, and was on the Interscholastic team there for 2 years in high school.


Amelia Haddad portriat

Amelia Haddad

Year: Junior
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Hometown: Cypress, TX

Amelia has been riding horses for 14 years. She learned to ride from her mom who did jumpers in France. She started off in Pony Club in Texas and has her C1 rating. Amelia also showed in 3 day eventing until switching over to primarily dressage and show jumping. In high school she focused mostly on dressage and showed up to 3rd level. Amelia started playing polo her freshman year at CSU and is currently on the JV team.


Chris Chun

Chris Chun

Year: Junior
Major: Equine Sciences
Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Chris started riding at age 9 and started playing polo at CSU. He currently plays on the varsity team.


Kelsey Harper

Kelsey Harper

Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Kelsey started playing polo at CSU. She had previously ridden just for fun back home, doing trail riding and a little bit of barrels and poles. Prior to joining polo she had never ridden English, and also jousted a little freshman year.

Fun Fact: If college doesn’t work out for Kelsey she plans on becoming a nomad and traveling the country with her herd of goats. 


Sarah Condio

Sarah Condio

Year: Junior
Major: Chemical & Biological Engineering | Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Wasilla, Alaska

I got into polo at CSU and previously showed hunter/jumpers for 6 years before coming to college. I love squirrels and cats. When I grow up I want to be a pediatrician.


Vinny Sangaline

Vincenzo Sangaline

Year: Junior
Major: Geology
Hometown: Sedalia, CO

This is my 3rd year playing polo on the collegiate level since I came to CSU. I grew up riding hunter jumpers, and fox hunting in the awesome state of Colorado! Polo is a life passion of mine and has brought many amazing opportunities to my life. I plan on studying abroad to Jamaica in the spring, “Ja Mun.” Also, my favorite food and pastime is spaghetti. 


kaitlyn stiles

Kaitlyn Stiles

Year: Senior
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

I started riding at a young age in Phoenix where I grew up. I did hunter jumper for a very long time until I came to CSU. I had very limited experience with polo before college, but had always found it interesting and wanted to try. The first thing I did when I came to CSU was join the team and am so grateful that I did!


No Photo Logo

Alex Kokesh

Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Grew up in a polo family and started playing polo when I was 10. Have played all levels of polo both outdoor and indoor. Polo has been a large part of my life and has given me a lot of opportunities that have allowed me to travel to other countries to play and to meet a wide variety of people from all over the world.


  • Beginning of semester informational meetings:
    • Monday (8/22) at 8pm in CSU Rec Center Room A
    • Wednesday (8/24) at 8:45pm in CSU Rec Center Room A

Home games indicated by bold lettering and an “*” – all will be at the B. W. Pickett Arena at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

two players battle for the ball at a polo match


Here at CSU Polo, our goal is to not only bring National Championships to Colorado State University, but to continue introducing people to the sport we love.

This is a student-run, student-coached organization that must raise $70,000 annually just to maintain our string of world-class ponies. Students are then responsible for their own travel and equipment.

Your donation to our program will have an immediate and lasting impact by allowing us to continue to properly care for our ponies and potentially provide scholarships to the team.


We are always accepting donations of the following items:

  • Polo ponies – please contact Kim Hallowell for details 603-459-4772
  • New or Used tack in good condition
  • Men’s and Women’s Mallets
  • Arena Polo Balls 
  • Functional mane or body clippers
  • Standing wraps
  • Heavy winter blankets
  • Grooming supplies 

We also have an Amazon wishlist set-up. If you have any questions about horse & equipment donations, please contact Kim or other club officers.

polo mallets hanging on the wall
a saddle on a polo horse



Bumper Sticker | $6

csu polo baseball cap

Baseball Hat | $15

green csu polo t-shirt

T-Shirt | $15 (also available in Gray)

csu polo tank top

Tank Top | $15

Please contact Claire or Erika if you are interested in purchasing any Polo merchandise.


The CSU Polo Club currently has the following horse available for adoption. If you are interested, contact Kim Hallowell for more information.


Beba is a sweet, 20 year old mare (verified by her Jockey Club tattoo) and stands about 15.2 hh, who is overall healthy and sound. She is a quick learner and with the right person she is willing to take on any challenge placed in front of her. Since Beba retired, she has been working on making the transition from polo pony to a pleasure horse. While Beba is a fun and willing ride, she does have some quirks that make her unsuitable for beginners. She is looking for a home with an intermediate or advance rider that is patient and willing to work with her. For more information, please contact us!